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  • 2015-01-20MIT StyleLine SL 12 sperker interface

    MIT StyleLine SL 12StyleLine SL 12 Speaker InterfaceFeatures & Benefits:Exclusive Multipole? Technology–Twelve Poles of Articulation deliver MIT Cables’ signature perfor- mance to your system.Multi-gauge construction with 0.999999 pure copper conductors–The purest materials deliver superior c...

    MIT StyleLine SL 12 sperker interface
  • 2015-01-20Sunfire (骄阳) CRM-2BIP

    Definition: A bipolar surround speaker has two or more speakers that output sound in mulitple directions. The purpose of a bipolar speaker is to make the surround sound field more diffuse so that the sound location cannot be pinpointed. In a bipolar speaker, both drivers are ‘in phase’, which mean...

    Sunfire (骄阳) CRM-2BIP
  • 2015-01-20Wisdom Audio Insight in-wall Speakers

    对于追求至尊级享受的音响爱好者来说,Wisdom Audio一定是再熟悉不过的品牌啦,作为全球最昂贵及性能最好的扬声器品牌之一,Wisdom Audio已成为众多骨灰级影音爱好者的终极梦想。Wisdom Audio全新Insight系列入墙式平面扬声器,该系列面向中级市场,引入了更高级的Sage系列的众多核心技术,让用家以更相宜的价钱享受到Wisdo...

    Wisdom Audio Insight in-wall Speakers
  • 2015-01-20Datasat launch the LS10 with Auro-3D

    In all the hype surrounding 4K it’s easy to forget that sound is fifty percent of the experience.In fact, despite numerous recent advances in filmmaking, the audio side has remained largely unchanged since going digital in the 90s. Yes some films have been released with 7.1 soundtracks but basicall...

    Datasat launch the LS10 with Auro-3D
  • 2015-01-20TRUAUDIO GHT-66G

    TRUAUDIO GHT-66G 入墙式家庭影院扬声器美国TRUAUDIO新推出GHT-66G 入墙式家庭影院扬声器,这款产品针对时下流行的定制安装家庭影院需求,自设计伊始就为定制安装的客户做了一系列优化措施。TRUAUDIO GHT-66G的外观为全黑色,采用TRUAUDIO特有的新颖无框设计,安装简易坚固,整个扬声器可让完美地隐身于墙体内,而且用户可...


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